Healthmark Industries is recognized as an industry leader in cleaning verification and infection control for the medical field. We believe that knowledge is power, but the real power is sharing knowledge with others. Our highly experienced sales team can offer the following CEU In-services to staff. These programs are one hour in length, worth 1 CEU and Nationally Accredited by IAHCSMM & CBSPD.

  1. Cleaning Verification: Provides an overview of mechanical cleaning equipment processes. Reviews options for verification products such as TOSI™, SonoCheck™ and temperature monitoring.
  2. The Sonic Cleaning Process: Defines ultrasonic cleaning, the process, and properly utilizing the SonoCheck™.
  3. Understanding Peel Pouches: Discuss the purpose and effectiveness of proper sterilization packaging; identifies pouch types and appropriate use; recognizes use of accessories such as heat sealers, pouch racks, and tip protectors.
  4. Event Related Sterility: Defines sterilization and event related vs time-related sterility assurance; discusses proper procedures and techniques to use to ensure sterility is maintained.
  5. Visual Inspection: Reviews the importance of visual inspection of medical devices. Provides an overview of enhanced visual inspection and stain identification that comply with a quality process.
  6. Understanding the Cart Wash: Provides proper use and of a medical automatic cart washer; identifies standards on verification and quality monitoring.
  7. Testing Flexible Scopes: Provides an understanding of guidelines that pertain to cleaning verification of endoscopes through a quality monitoring process with both ChannelCheck™ and EndoCheck™ products.
  8. Safe Transport of Instruments: Reviews OSHA standards and AAMI guidelines for safely transporting soiled medical devices; Identifies challenges in current practices and provide steps for developing a safe policy.
  9. Instrument Protection: Provides an understanding of instrument design and inspection. Identifies strategies to reduce repairs and extend the life of an instrument.

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