A New Approach


It’s not every day that an Easter egg hatches the idea for a brand new company 

— with a different approach to Safe Patient Handling sales

But that’s exactly what happened to Michael Maske. Michael has devoted his professional career to making the healthcare environment safer. He is a recognized Safe Patient Handling expert, advocate, and educator. And for a decade he was a highly successful national sales executive for an outstanding line of motorized stretcher-chairs. But the price he paid was an exhausting work and travel schedule, at the expense of caring for his daughter Zoey.

The issues went deeper. His product represented just one specific SPH solution. What if it was not always the best solution for a customer? For Michael, it was never about making the sale at all costs. It was about integrity.

Michael Maske, president and CEO of ZM Medical, is the author of Voice of the Nurse, a ground- breaking examination of nursing stress, and founder of the Nursing Success Institute (NSI). Maske is a frequent speaker at nursing confer- ences. He is also an expert in personal growth and development principles. A Wisconsin native and Air Force veteran, Michael is active in Down’s Syndrome organizations. He currently makes his home in Arizona.

Fast-forward to one Easter Sunday. Watching Zoey hunt for Easter eggs, Michael had an epipha- ny. He envisioned a different way of doing business – one that was better for his customers and better for his family. Instead of representing a single product nationwide, he would represent a broad range of SPH solutions closer to home.

And so ZM Medical was born.

Look inside ZM Medical and you find Michael everything Michael stands for: Integrity. Exper- tise. Innovation. A belief in the importance of Choice. And a commitment to Caring – for customers, caregivers, patients and his daughter.

The result is a resource that combines high quality products with out-of-the-box thinking to create down-to-earth SPH solutions.

Watch Zoey’s Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to ZM Medical. We think you’re going to like what you find.